Free Download: Top 5 Joe Mettle songs

Joe Mettle

Free Download: Top 5 Joe Mettle songs

Joe Mettle

Ghanaian singer and songwriter Joe Mettle is one blessed soul and not a single day passes that he doesnt confess so.

Born Joseph Oscar Nii Armah Mettle, his early days in music saw him perfect his art of gospel music by being a backing artist. He backed vocals for then established artists like the late Danny Nettey, Cindy Thompson, and Tom Bright Davies.
Ceccy Twum – Di Wo Hene ft. Joe Mettle
He birthed Joe Mettle Ministries in 2007. Everything worked smoothly he became the lead vocalist of Soul Winners, a deeply multicultural group. This would give him fame and prominence in Ghana and South Africa where he featured on SAs Broadcasting Corporation TV show Gospel Classics courtesy of Donnie McClurkin.
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Mettle has won many awards in his gospel career since 2011 when he gained proper recognition to date but his most memorable award hitherto is the VGMA Artiste of the year award. He won this in the Christian music category and made history by becoming the first Ghanaian to win the award.

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Perhaps, the fact that this is a thanksgiving song makes it an evergreen hit with 7 million views on YouTube. The afrobeat sound of the song makes it easy to move to. A listener is quickly aware of the song’s danceable nature from the first beat. Joe Mettle sings this song in both English and Twi. For the majority of listeners, this makes it simple to follow and sing along. Even if you don’t know how to speak Twi, you’d still be able to join in on the fun by singing and dancing along to the lyrics. It’s the same for people who don’t speak or read English but can understand Twi.

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If you havent seen or heard worship in a foreign land, you should see how Worship Medley thrilled Christians in Houston. Joe Mettle together with Sound of Heaven Worship did this worship song in a unique fashion in Houston, Texas. With 2.9 million streams on YouTube, it is a testament that he captured the hearts of worshippers in a big way.

This one is deeply spiritual. Onwanwani loosely translates to God of wonders. He sings in Twi, perhaps in a bid to get the message deep into the hearts and minds of his people. A part of the song is about the power of prayer and faith. He says there is nothing so big in the eyes of God for those who put their trust in him. It is a feel-good song for days when you feel broken and weary.

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Joe Mettle features Luigi Maclean on this super hit. Boo Noo Ni is special in many ways because everyone can relate to it, which explains its 10 million views on YouTube. Joe says that it was a personal testimony. From its messaging, you can feel his gratitude. He confesses that he is who he is today because God has always been with him and showed mercy in his life. He doesnt forget to mention how God saved him when he was drowning.

Together with Ntokozo Mbambo, Joe Mettle gave the world a bubbly worship song. The duos vocals are incredible! The songs delivery is enchanting as well – no wonder it managed 2.7 million views on YouTube.

By Kinyua Mwangi